☕ CoffeeChat in 2021

Our platform priorities for the year ahead

As we enter our third year as a start-up, we’re excited to make several improvements to how our platform works!

Our initial learnings come from partnering with organizations across Mauritius, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, as well as working directly with coaches and individuals across dozens of countries.

By narrowing our focus and streamlining our platform in 2021, we aim to grow more sustainably and increase our impact. Here are our priorities:

Enable organizations to provide access to coaching

Our outreach efforts will be aimed at encouraging adoption of coaching programs by businesses and organizations with an operational footprint in the region.

We’ve added features to support organizations to onboard and manage their team members via a company dashboard. We continue to run a number of partner-branded portals and are also open to new partnerships for co-branded or white-label platforms that align with our mission. Learn more about our business-facing offerings and view case studies here.

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Streamline the platform experience using our web app

All coach profiles and user accounts are now accessible only via our web app platform at app.coffeechat.co on desktop and mobile. Clients can select from 5 service types (free discovery session, 30-minute coffee chat, 1-hour coffee chat, 1-month retainer and 6-session bundle), for which individual coaches set their rate from 4 price levels.

Last year, our web app gave us an opportunity to explore new offerings such as group coaching sessions and more mobile-friendly bookings for new users. As a result of this pilot, we’ve merged the two systems into a combined platform on our web app. Coaches can opt-out of any of the standardized offerings and have an optional space for up to 3 custom service offerings available to individual clients under this new format. If you have any challenges accessing your account on the web app, please contact us here.

We look forward to working with you in 2021 to further pursue the mission to make coaching more accessible, affordable, and relevant in emerging markets. If you have questions or would like to share feedback, please feel free to send an email or reach out to schedule a quick catch-up call.

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