✨ Coach Spotlight: Cindy

Cindy is a Life Purpose Coach based in Mauritius.

What motivated you to become a coach?

Coaching is all about exploring, discovering, finding purpose, creating new ways to grow and become better. I love it! It empowers people; helping them be in tune with who they are, understand their thoughts and emotions with new perspectives, and be resourceful. I admire people especially women who go out of their comfort zone to grow and be the best they can. As a coach, I want to come alongside women who feel exhausted and burned out to listen, affirm and encourage.

What was one of your biggest learnings while training to become a coach?

It’s all about the client. As a coach, I am there to listen wholeheartedly and remain curious.

What do you typically talk about with a prospective client during a free discovery session?

For me, it’s mostly about connecting and determining if I’m the right coach for that person. Since it’s a partnership, I also want to know my client’s level of commitment.

Tell us about one of your most impactful coaching client engagements on CoffeeChat.

There was this woman, an HR manager, who was absolutely honest with herself; honest about her thoughts and her feelings. She was also determined to face her fears. It was beautiful to see how she has evolved in her thinking patterns and been transformed. I admired her authenticity, resilience, and courage to overcome and be who God created her to be.

What has surprised you about working with clients across several different countries?

Every person has the need to be heard without feeling judged. And coaching gives them that safe space to open up.

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