✨ Coach Spotlight: Marion

Marion is a Personal Growth Coach based in South Africa. Prior to becoming a coach, she worked across Finance, Sales and Ops Strategy.

What motivated you to become a coach?

The people around me inspired me to become a coach. Several professional women and emerging leaders would often approach me for guidance about work challenges. My conversations became a safe and reliable space for discussions on making a change in careers, solving conflict, and managing life demands while building a career. I felt a huge need for women and upcoming talent to have a mentor who has faced similar challenges and gave them straightforward ways to succeed. In 2019, I took up Social Science in Business Management and started a coaching practice. 

What was one of your biggest learnings while training to become a coach?

My most significant understanding is that not everyone wants to grow personally. Learning to respect the timing of everyone's journey, their lessons, and their experiences have cultivated compassion in me for others.

What do you typically talk about with a prospective client during a free discovery session? 

We talk about what has brought them to coaching. We plan an approach on what will work for them regarding the frequency and duration of their sessions. I also leave them with some self-reflection questions to start their process.

Tell us about one of your most impactful coaching client engagements through CoffeeChat.

All my clients are special to me and have their own unique story that holds value. I can share two types of clients I work with and two specific engagements that motivate me to continue my work. The first is when youth entering the corporate world find their confidence and can shift into their adult self. The second is when a woman makes the changes she needs to find energy and passion in life, and her career path becomes clear for her.

What has surprised you about working with clients across several different countries?

I was surprised by the warm welcome by my clients into their personal space and experienced a sense of joy that we all share similar challenges and that our borders don't limit us from being able to connect, learn and grow together.

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