✨ Coach Spotlight: Nasika

Nasika is an Executive Coach based in Uganda.

What motivated me to become a coach?

My motivation to become a coach stemmed from life lessons that made this career path an inevitability.  From success in the financial services industry to starting a business focused on strategy facilitation and corporate training, as I learned more and partnered with a cross section of individuals and organisations, coaching seemed like a natural progression and eventual passion.  My pathway from coach training to certification and now ICF credentialing (ACC) has proved very rewarding.  

What do you talk about during a discovery session?

These sessions typically focus on exploring the value of coaching and the curious and empowering conversation between the coach and client.   

How does the coaching style differ between individual and corporate clients?

No difference. My niche is executive coaching. 

When and how do you use assessments?

Self awareness is a key component for almost all of my coaching sessions. I use DiSC to begin the coaching journey - then proceed to delve into awareness of self and others, goal setting and taking action. 

Do you prefer audio or video calls?

No preference. Each session and the preferred platform is determined by the client.  

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