✨ Coach Spotlight: Prakash

Prakash is an Executive & Performance Coach based in Bangalore, India.

What motivated you to become a coach?

The belief in human potential and what everyone can achieve; the curiosity around this pulled me to coaching. I love the process of my client discovering the direction, designing actions and producing astounding results. It's fun and fulfilling.

What was one of your biggest learnings while training to become a coach?

Resisting the temptation to give answers or solutions was one of the biggest lessons. How to produce questions that are impactful, yet short; that are effective yet not demanding is another big learning experience.

What do you typically talk about with a prospective client during a free discovery session?

What is bringing them to the coaching space? What are the results they are looking for? How committed are they in the coaching process? What are they willing to do?

What do you think prevents more professionals from seeking out their own coach?

I can say less exposure to what coaching can do to a professional. Confusions around coaching, counseling and mentoring. More importantly, the mindset that what few hours of work do to so much happening in life and work areas. But every client at the end of a coaching journey has a lot more to take away and treasure.

What has surprised you about working with clients across several different countries?

Problems/challenges in life and work are agnostic of geographies. Human beings across the world have similar aspirations and goals. It is surprising that in some of the countries English is not the first language, I come from one country like that, but I have always found common vocabulary with all my clients irrespective of language or cultural background. What matters the most is intent to partner with my clients.

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