✨ Coach Spotlight: Victor

Victor is a Career Coach based in Nairobi, Kenya with over 15 years of experience supporting professionals on their career and entrepreneurial journeys. Below he shares his quick take on coaching.

What motivated you to become a career coach?

People frustrated in jobs, and with no career direction. I noticed that both employees and employers were frustrated due to talent mismatch. We have an incredibly talented workforce, but even the best talent disappoints in the wrong career. Plus, people are experiencing psychological and physical health challenges as a result of career challenges.

When is the ideal time to start working with a career coach?

There’s no ‘ideal’ time, I have worked with entry-level, middle, and senior executives older than I. A career coach helps people at different levels in their careers, and the needs are diverse, so the need e.g. transition, preparing for interviews, enhancing productivity, career mapping, an industry shift, or preparing for higher responsibilities, determines the time to engage a career coach.  

What do you typically talk about with a prospective client during a free discovery session?

After introducing ourselves to each other, we establish a rapport and identify the ‘coachable’ need. For those coming to coaching for the first time, we also discuss what it is and how it can help make a difference.

Tell us about one of your most impactful career coaching client engagements on CoffeeChat.

Due to COVID, he lost his job and as the sole breadwinner, the pressure to provide for his family was piling by the day. His self-esteem was also dented by the numerous regrets from job applications. We discussed his value and explored the options he had, plus evaluated his CV and LinkedIn profile. 3 – 4 weeks after our session, he reported back saying he revamped his CV, gained confidence based on our discussion on his value proposition and he landed a job! He emailed me a day after signing the contract. Even though it was an intro session, the impact on his self-esteem and perspective drove him to the results he desperately needed.

How does your coaching style differ between your group vs 1-on-1 sessions?

1-on-1 allows having deep dive sessions so the client can deeply explore possibilities. Group coaching provides the benefit of peer coaching and learning by observation. Thus, I use the respective methodologies to ensure everyone gets the best out of 1-on-1 or group coaching.

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