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After a holiday season break, we're back with our weekly newsletter from CoffeeChat. Here's what we have for you this week:

Coaching Opportunity

CoffeeChat is supporting The Kijiji to offer 1-on-1 business coaching to a number of Kenya-based early-stage entrepreneurs via our CoffeeChat platform as part of their involvement with the Whitebox Entrepreneurs initiative spearheaded by the UK Kenya Tech Hub and the Kenyan Ministry of ICT. If you haven't already heard from us and you'd be interested in participating as a business coach, please let us know before the end of this week.

One Year of Wellness

How smooth is your life journey feeling? Louise from Johannesburg has designed a year-long 10-session program to enable you to reflect and focus on the key segments in your life, and to identify steps for positive change and growth, and ultimately, a happier journey over the year ahead.

Her program includes ten 50-minute one-on-one sessions, and a monthly email check-in, with additional support, reading, and reflection tools. 

  • Session 1: Introduction, evaluation of current and desired outcomes, your vision for the next 12 months, and initial goals.

  • Sessions 2 to 9: Select the life segment that you would like to focus on for the month: Health & Wellness; Profession; Significant Other, Resources & Finances; Personal Growth; Fun & Recreation; Family & Friends; Connection & Community.

  • Session 10: Wrap up and summary, a celebration of ground covered, and goals for the next year.

Next Tuesday, we’ll host Paula, who shares:

Many people thought once we got through December and into the new year, things would return to normal and we could put COVID behind us. But.....over the past few weeks many parts of the world have gone back into lock down or had restrictions imposed on them again with the second wave. Coping skills and tools that might have worked last year will perhaps not be as effective this year as reality sinks in and we experience more of the same going forward. Learn about the 3 critical skills you will need to help you navigate the challenging times ahead.

Sign up for Paula’s session here. If you’re a coach or expert and want to host your own free group coaching session, please reach out.

Career Coaching Session

Next Wednesday, we’ll host Arnold, who shares:

If you’re looking for a new job opportunity, chances are you’ll deal with rejection. Every job application, interview, and rejection/success is unique. There are many different factors that play during a hiring process that it can be almost impossible to predict an outcome. Even if you’ve given a fantastic interview or have an exemplary CV, there may just be someone else who beat you to the position, leaving you to wonder why. In this session, I will cover the practical strategies to stand out from the rest.

Sign up for Arnold’s session here.

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