Types of Coaching on CoffeeChat

A quick summary of each category available on our platform

Executive Coaching

Whether you're a global CEO, an early-stage start-up founder or a team manager, being a leader can be lonely. Executive coaching offers a safe space for leaders to honestly reflect and work through their toughest leadership challenges. Executive coaches are experienced managers themselves who have undergone training in proven coaching methodologies. Sessions with your coach are mostly led by you, with questions posed by the coach throughout your conversation with the intention to help unpack the core underlying challenges. The aim is to identify blind spots in your current perspective and to walk away from the session with a new perspective and practical strategies to apply. Executives often choose to focus on topics such as their leadership style, interpersonal conflicts with team members, change management, and strategic decision making.

Career Coaching

Whether you’re looking for a new job, or looking to chart your path within your current company, a career coach can make a great partner for developing and executing your career plan. For those looking for a new role, a career coach can provide guidance on your CV, networking, personal branding, available opportunities and relevant industry trends, and can also help prepare you for interviews, assignments and salary negotiations. For professional growth, a coach can assist with thinking through a realistic multi-year game plan for earning your next promotion or transitioning to a different department.

Life & Wellness Coaching

We often don't make enough time to regularly step back and think about the major progress areas and setbacks we face in our personal and professional lives. If you are approaching or undergoing a major career or personal transition, it could be a good time to review and reset your priorities. Schedule a session with a coach to conduct a guided reflection exercise to recognize what your experiences have taught you and which frameworks can help guide you forward confidently.

Product & Tech Coaching

Most companies in today’s global marketplace must compete directly or indirectly by creating a comparative advantage with their technology, either proprietary or off-the-shelf. If you need external support in navigating a growing range of solution providers or refine your internal product roadmap, a coach can provide you with guidance, research or diligence.

Business & Start-Up Coaching

Whether you’re a new start-up or an established business, there is a range of strategic and operational considerations that demand your attention and require action. While you will always know your business best, speaking with a coach or expert for a second opinion on an important aspect of your business can help unlock unexpected gains and insights. Often business coaches work with business owners and managers to examine their work through new frameworks to improve areas such as go-to-market strategy, budget allocation, branding, product mix, pricing and hiring.

Sales & Marketing Coaching

Every business wishes it could grow faster and gain more clients. Growth hacking is the art of finding highly efficient ways of finding and keeping clients. There is a seemingly endless list of potential products, marketing, and sales strategies out there - and the economic landscape is constantly evolving. So how do you pick the right strategies for your business, and how do you make sure you and your team execute those strategies to achieve your growth objectives? Speak with one of our sales or marketing coaches to gain a growth hacker mindset.

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