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International Coaching Week, an annual opportunity to celebrate and recognize the impact of coaching, will take place this year from 17-23 May 2021. This year’s theme, as promoted by ICF, is “Defying Challenging Times” which speaks true to the role coaches continue to play for the individuals they work with as they navigate a number of crises affecting their personal and professional spheres.

Per our tradition, if you are a coach and wish to be paired with an individual to provide them pro-bono coaching (commitment of 3 sessions over 2 months) to mark Internation Coaching Week, please respond to this email.

On Saturday, 22 May, Prakash will host his first free group coaching session with CoffeeChat on “Peak Performance Cornerstones”:

Leader or otherwise, whether in personal life or professional life, there is constant demand for high performance from self and others. Do you want to identify 5 simple, yet powerful cornerstones of performance that works almost every time and everywhere? If, yes, then here we are! Experience a cheerful group coaching session to identify and explore performance cornerstones. Discover how you can use these in your personal and professional life.

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On Saturday, 29 May, Meenakshi will host the next monthly installment of her “Pause with Purpose” series:

Retrospection is a powerful tool that helps us propel towards our goals with renewed understanding, clarity, and conviction. During times that continue to be challenging, let’s use the power of retrospection to stop, breathe, think, and then act on our next steps. This monthly virtual Group Coaching session is a casual and safe space to look back at the month that’s been, and plan for the month ahead. Use this time and space to connect with people globally, network with them, and also find accountability partners to help one another stay on track with your goals.

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