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This week we spotlight Meenakshi, a Personal Agility Coach based in the United States. Read the full spotlight article to learn more about her journey to becoming a coach. Here’s a preview:

The Future of Work is unfolding as we speak. There is SO much untapped potential at the intersection of People, Process and Technology – to help co-create a future that works for everyone. With this realization, in Aug 2019,  I took on the role of Founder and Principal of NorthStar Solutions and Services – a boutique, 100% virtual, future-of-work oriented consultancy.  Becoming a coach, happened organically. I started seeing impact I was able to create by supporting mid-career technology professionals adopt agile principles, and inclusive design, in their own leadership development journeys. That’s how I became a Personal Agility and Self-leadership Coach. The foundation of my coaching practice is POD – Purpose-Outcome-Design, and I help my clients find their POD, and thus their own North Star!

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This Wednesday, we’ll host Arnold from Kenya, who shares:

If you’re looking for a new job opportunity, chances are you’ll deal with rejection. Every job application, interview and rejection/success is unique. There are many different factors that play during a hiring process that it can be almost impossible to predict an outcome. Even if you’ve given a fantastic interview or have an exemplary CV, there may just be someone else who beat you to the position, leaving you to wonder why. In this session I will cover the practical strategies to stand out from the rest.

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