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Weekly Coach Spotlight

This week we spotlight Birgit, an Executive Coach based in Namibia. Read the full spotlight article to learn more about her approach to coaching. As a preview, here’s what she shares about coaching in her region:

Coaching is a recognised business tool and dedicated to creating awareness, acceptance and leadership growth. Since the pandemic, I have seen it grow in popularity worldwide and locally. The move to the virtual platform has supported this. In many developed countries, coaching has been an accepted tool for personal growth for some time now. And often people choose to interact with coaches numerous times during their careers. In southern Africa, coaching is also becoming more and more accessible. Many people still misunderstand what they can gain from working with a coach, and that coaching is entirely future-driven. It’s not about waiting to be rescued; it’s taking accountability for reaching our own goals and destiny. Change starts with each one of us individually, it’s about moving out of our comfort zones and making things happen for ourselves. Only if we realise that can we make meaningful inroads to where we want to be. 

Read the spotlight here

New Interactive Support for Coaches

Marketing and business development have been identified as a consistent pain point for coaches. We all know that most coaches would rather be coaching than out there pitching for new clients, which is why we created the CoffeeChat platform to help connect coaches with companies and individuals.

But we also want to provide support for coaches to take things into their own hands and make their business growth efforts a lot more productive and meaningful. We’re happy to introduce a “100 Day Challenge” which is a series of challenges over 100 days that includes tips, templates, links, discussion questions, and personalized feedback to enable coaches to systematically review their coaching business strategies.

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