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Cost Reported As Major Constraint, Despite Interest In Coaching from Managers

CoffeeChat recently conducted a survey aimed at better understanding how companies operating in Africa approach digital professional development services to maintain the wellbeing and performance of their managers. 25 companies collectively home to over 1,200 managers with an operational footprint across 12 African markets shared their responses.

96% of respondents indicated that high costs played some role in preventing them from investing further in coaching support services. Staff scheduling and coach sourcing also consistently ranked high in constraints for companies when considering the expanded use of coaching. Very few felt that their staff would not be interested in further coaching access.

But when asked, 60% of respondents were interested in exploring new ways to provide access to external coaches, including CoffeeChat's coaching platform.

The survey was inspired by our ongoing participation in the Future of Work Africa 2021 Accelerator program run by Village Capital with support from the International Finance Corporation. We will be sharing additional findings in future weeks.

Written Reflection from a Coach

Anne, an Integral Coach based in Johannesburg, has shared a recent article she wrote about how she sees the relation between material beauty and everyday sources of inspiration.

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