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Weekly Coach Spotlight

This week we spotlight Kavita, a Leadership Coach based in South Africa. Read the full spotlight article to learn more about how she approaches coaching. Here’s a preview:

I coach organisational leaders at various levels. What surprised me the most is that some leaders at the highest levels still grapple with insecurity, imposter syndrome and self-doubt. Although they portray an image of being in control, the gremlins continue to lurk inside. This impacts upon their self-confidence and other leadership skills. It made me realise that learning about the self is a lifelong process and that we are all simply human, perfectly imperfect.

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Written Reflection from a Coach

Anne, an Integral Coach based in Johannesburg, shares a recent article she wrote. Here’s how she starts with questions around emotional exposure:

What makes us want to appear as if difficult moments do not feature in our lives? What makes us feel a need to show the world and ourselves that negative experiences do not affect us? Yes, sometimes we don’t even allow ourselves to feel the pain. We go into denial.

Read her full article here