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Weekly Coach Spotlight

This week we spotlight Jaki, a Life Coach based in Kenya. Read the full spotlight article to learn more about her journey to becoming a coach. Here’s a preview:

The most amazing thing for me as I  was training to become a coach was discovering that there is a science to it, the rigour of the process, and the fact that I was growing through deep self-discovery myself.

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Free Group Coaching Session

This coming Friday, 6 August, Prakash will host his free group coaching session with CoffeeChat on “Peak Performance Cornerstones”:

Leader or otherwise, whether in personal life or professional life, there is constant demand for high performance from self and others. Do you want to identify 5 simple, yet powerful cornerstones of performance that works almost every time and everywhere? If, yes, then here we are! Experience a cheerful group coaching session to identify and explore performance cornerstones. Discover how you can use these in your personal and professional life.

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