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Hi everyone, here’s what we have for you today:

  • CoffeeChat is launching a new podcast “The Everyday Leader which will feature conversations with inspiring individuals about their experience leading teams at companies, organizations, and governments across Africa.

  • Coach Meenakshi will host her free monthly “Pause with Purpose” group session this coming Saturday. She’ll focus on guiding participants through reviewing their personal quarterly goals.

  • CoffeeChat is searching for a Head of Growth and a Head of Customer Success. Are you ready to join us, or know of top talent ready to help us scale?

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Introducing The Everyday Leader

The Everyday Leader is a podcast featuring conversations with leaders from across Africa’s companies, organizations, and governments. The host, Chris Suzdak (founder of CoffeeChat), and each guest discuss their experience managing teams and projects throughout their careers, and how their leadership roles are evolving alongside the future of work. We already have an initial line-up of exciting leaders from a range of countries and companies that will be released in the coming weeks! We are also accepting ongoing nominations for additional guests.

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Free Group Coaching Session

On Saturday, 25 September, Meenakshi will host the next monthly installment of her “Pause with Purpose” series:

Retrospection is a powerful tool that helps us propel towards our goals with renewed understanding, clarity, and conviction. During times that continue to be challenging, let’s use the power of retrospection to stop, breathe, think, and then act on our next steps. This monthly virtual Group Coaching session is a casual and safe space to look back at the month that’s been, and plan for the month ahead. Use this time and space to connect with people globally, network with them, and also find accountability partners to help one another stay on track with your goals.

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We’re Hiring!

We are excited to start our search to add two new members to our small, 100% remote, start-up team. The Head of Growth and Head of Customer Success will play vital roles as we move from servicing dozens of companies to hundreds over the coming years. If you are interested or know of anyone, please feel free to apply yourself or share with your networks.

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