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This week we spotlight Huria, an Executive Coach based in Germany. Read the full spotlight article to learn more about her experience with coaching. Here’s what she shared about her experience of becoming a coach, after having worked for the United Nations for 12 years:

Many senior leaders today have coaches by their side, but they need to be convinced to offer coaching to a broader range of managers and employees. Particularly mid-level managers, overseeing many employees, need to benefit more from coaching.

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This Wednesday (as well next week same time), we’ll host Paula, who shares:

Many people thought once we got through 2020 and into the new year, things would return to normal and we could put COVID behind us. But.....over the past few weeks many parts of the world have gone back into lock down or had restrictions imposed on them again with the second and third waves. Coping skills and tools that might have worked last year will perhaps not be as effective this year as reality sinks in and we experience more of the same going forward. Learn about the 3 critical skills you will need to help you navigate the challenging times ahead.

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This Thursday, we’ll host Toyin, who shares:

In the extremely digitized world of today, it is vital for business owners, coaches and team leaders/members to communicate their offering not just clearly but ensure shared value is effortlessly communicated to ensure long-term sustainable results. In this session, we will talk about the differences between the traditional Elevator Pitch and the V.A.T.O.R Pitch and how you can make a difference in your speaking delivery that gets you the individual the desired result irrespective of location.

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This Saturday, Meenakshi will host the next monthly installment of her “Pause with Purpose” series:

Retrospection is a powerful tool that helps us propel towards our goals with renewed understanding, clarity, and conviction. During times that continue to be challenging, let’s use the power of retrospection to stop, breathe, think, and then act on our next steps. This monthly virtual Group Coaching session is a casual and safe space to look back at the month that’s been, and plan for the month ahead. Use this time and space to connect with people globally, network with them, and also find accountability partners to help one another stay on track with your goals.

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