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Insights from Our Manager Support Survey

CoffeeChat recently conducted a survey aimed at better understanding how companies operating in Africa approach digital professional development services to maintain the wellbeing and performance of their managers. 25 companies collectively home to over 1,200 managers with an operational footprint across 12 African markets shared their responses.

One key takeaway was that a majority of companies have embraced the use of external partners for supporting their managers.

72% of survey participants currently or have in the past year partnered with an external professional development service provider to complement their own internal learning and leadership programs.

The survey was inspired by our ongoing participation in the Future of Work Africa 2021 Accelerator program run by Village Capital with support from the International Finance Corporation.

Coach Arnold will host a group career coaching session next Wednesday, 1st September. He shares:

Only 15% of the world’s full-time professionals are enthusiastic about their work as per a Gallup research. Like most of us, we treat our careers and job search as an iterative process with every subsequent job, we sought a little more of what we liked in my previous role, and little less of what we didn’t like. With the Ikigai framework, Arnold guides you to a simple and elegant solution for assessing where you are in your career/ job search and determining what pivots to make based on a more long term outlook.

Please share with anyone who you think could benefit from attending.

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