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Free Group Coaching Session

This coming Saturday, 3 July, Prakash will host his free group coaching session with CoffeeChat on “Peak Performance Cornerstones”:

Leader or otherwise, whether in personal life or professional life, there is constant demand for high performance from self and others. Do you want to identify 5 simple, yet powerful cornerstones of performance that works almost every time and everywhere? If, yes, then here we are! Experience a cheerful group coaching session to identify and explore performance cornerstones. Discover how you can use these in your personal and professional life.

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100 Day Challenge for Coaches

Here’s a preview of one of the 100 challenges:

Podcasts are a popular form of interviewing, and with a huge number of individuals able to easily launch their own show, it's getting easier to be interviewed and co-create the narrative that you'd like to communicate to their audience. To be selected, you can either use a platform like MatchMaker or reach out to individuals in your network who have been interviewed before to see if they would be comfortable making an introduction if it's a good fit. If you are invited, make sure to do some basic homework on the host and look through the past few episodes to understand how you can adapt your expertise to their audience. Often hosts will share questions in advance, but if not, be sure to develop and practice using a set of questions that you can best anticipate.

Join the 100 Day Challenge to access a series of 100 strategies to grow your impact including tips, templates, resources, and personalized feedback along the way.

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