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This week we spotlight Kimunya, a certified coach based in Kenya. Read the full spotlight article to learn more about his experience with coaching. Here’s what he shared about his experience collaborating with coaches and companies in the region:

We, coaches, must create credible awareness and clearly demonstrate the return-on-investment of coaching. This data-driven documentation should communicate the impact of coaching in Africa. We cannot afford to only depend on data coming from other parts of the world.

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This Wednesday, we’ll host Arnold from Kenya, who shares:

If you’re looking for a new job opportunity, chances are you’ll deal with rejection. Every job application, interview and rejection/success is unique. There are many different factors that play during a hiring process that it can be almost impossible to predict an outcome. Even if you’ve given a fantastic interview or have an exemplary CV, there may just be someone else who beat you to the position, leaving you to wonder why. In this session I will cover the practical strategies to stand out from the rest.

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Next Wednesday, we’ll host Paula from South Africa, who shares:

Many people thought once we got through 2020 and into the new year, things would return to normal and we could put COVID behind us. But.....over the past few weeks many parts of the world have gone back into lock down or had restrictions imposed on them again with the second and third waves. Coping skills and tools that might have worked last year will perhaps not be as effective this year as reality sinks in and we experience more of the same going forward. Learn about the 3 critical skills you will need to help you navigate the challenging times ahead.

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Next Wednesday, we’ll host Oluduntan from Nigeria, who shares:

The end of the first quarter of the year is staring at you and you have not ticked off anything on your goals for the year. You want to at least achieve one if not more of your goal but you seem to be stuck and demotivated. In this session we will talk about the factors holding you back and ways to move past the factors and start achieving those goals.

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