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Insights from LinkedIn Learning’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report

Earlier this year, LinkedIn Learning released its fifth annual 2021 Workplace Learning Report. The report is based on a survey of Learning & Development (L&D) professionals, people managers, and employee learners. Below are a few interesting insights related to coaching in the workplace and the future of work:

Overall Trends in Workplace Learning

  • A Transition from Instructor-Led Training (ILT) to Blended Online Learning: 73% of L&D professionals expect to spend less on ILT and 79% expect to spend more on online learning.

  • The Impact of L&D is Primarily Measured Via Feedback From Participants: Globally, 27% of L&D professionals said that they are now using survey tools to measure program effectiveness. The top 3 ways were 1) qualitative feedback from participants, 2) satisfaction ratings of participants, and 3) the number of participants consistently engaged with the program.

  • Leadership and Management Programs Ranked a Top Priority: 53% of L&D professionals identifiedleadership and management” as a top priority, only second behind “upskilling and reskilling” (59%), and ahead of “virtual onboarding” (33%).

How Managers Are Adapting To A Changing Landscape

  • Managers Focus More Energy On Learning Soft Skills: Compared to the average learner, managers focus 24% more of their learning on soft skills.

  • Managers Are Most Interested in How To Manage Change and Virtual Teams: 80% of managers want to learn more about leading through change, and 66% want to learn about how to manage a team virtually.

  • Managers Who Are Given Space to Learn and Grow Are More Happy and Engaged: They are 3.5x more likely to be happy and engaged and 3.3x more likely to want to stay at their organization for two years.