Case Studies

Success stories of coaching creating positive change for leaders, teams and businesses.

Case Study: Richard Kyambadde, RwaziMarketing & Community Manager at high-growth startup works with peer coaches to brainstorm and develop practical solutions to challenges he faces in his…
Case Study: Dinah Njuguna, KivaInvestment Manager uses peer coaching network to connect with professionals that share her career stage and mindset
Case Study: Collins Lumumba, Metropolitan National SaccoHead of Customer Experience in Kenya uses the GROW coaching framework to approach problem-solving on his team after participating in peer coaching…
Case Study: Timi Omotoso, DojahHow Monthly Peer Coaching Sessions Help FinTech Product Manager Overcome Imposter Syndrome
Case Study: Krista Davidson, InjiniEdTech Startup Accelerator Manager Works With Executive Coach To Navigate Her Growth Into An Executive Head Role
Case Study: Luizer Makena, SeamlessHRManager Works With Executive Coach to Navigate Workplace Challenges
Case Study: Joseph Rutakangwa, RwaziSuccessful Start-Up Founder Works with Executive Coach to Identify Self-Limiting Beliefs and Unlock 10x Growth
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