Asha Mweru: Director of Talent & Operations, African Management InstituteCombining creator and operator roles, seeing your own leadership challenges in others, and selecting a team-wide OKR tool
Sitati Kituyi: Co-Founder, HodiDifferent ways software engineers can pursue leadership roles, understanding the context of the problems you are solving, and finding the right balance…
Rushika Pattni: Chief of BD & Service Innovation, RamaniSelecting leaders to work for, learning when to step up and step down, and developing a leadership style as an introvert
Penina Kimani: Chief Digital Officer, Longhorn PublishersBuilding confidence early, aligning one's personal and company vision, and transitioning from startups to corporates
Mercy Ojwang'-Kinyua: Director of Operations, OkHi Smart AddressingIdentifying leadership "bad habits", intentionally learning from other leaders, and defaulting to transparency
Luizer Makena: General Manager, East Africa, SeamlessHRFinding what you can be the best at, making time to pause during transitions, and the power of working with a professional coach
Hillary Sang: Collections & Repayments Lead, Apollo AgricultureScaling up field teams, running call centers, and putting yourself in your team’s shoes
Wiza Jalakasi: VP of Global Developer Relations, Chipper CashGetting the timing right during career transitions, managing pan-African scale-ups, and building a personal brand online
Dinah Njuguna: Investment Manager for Africa, KivaCreating space for making mistakes, the importance of establishing your credibility, and being more mindful of time management during remote work
Martin Gathuru: Director of Operations - East Africa, BridgeLeading with questions, overcoming operational constraints, and making data-driven decisions at scale
Cynthia Makunganya: Head of Malawi Operations, YellowHitting the ground running at a startup, building culture across large field teams, and finding ways to pursue social initiatives within your business…
Hussein Kiarie: Special Projects Lead, Pula AdvisorsEmbracing being a generalist and knowing when to pivot from your default team engagement strategy