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Case Study: Richard Kyambadde, Rwazi

Marketing & Community Manager at high-growth startup works with peer coaches to brainstorm and develop practical solutions to challenges he faces in his role

Richard Kyambadde is the Marketing & Community Manager at Rwazi. He oversees all branding, communications, digitalization, and public relations needs for Africa's leading data provision services across Africa and the globe. He also works to build a community of young people equipped with skills to reduce the gap in unemployment through data gigs.

Richard has been a part of the peer coaching network for some time now and is matched monthly with a leader from another company for a 2-way peer coaching conversation. He shares more about his experience so far: 

Tell us about your current role and what your company does.

I am the Marketing and Communications Manager at Rwazi. Rwazi is a market intelligence platform that equips businesses with the data from developing markets that help them make better-informed decisions to drive growth. 

What motivated you to participate in our peer coaching network?

I did executive coaching sessions last year which allowed me to not only learn more about myself but become a better version of myself as well. Peer coaching presented an opportunity to learn from other people from various companies through brainstorming on challenges or projects. I have often found that though these may initially seem different and unique to you, they are often the same across various functions, organizations, or industries. Through these sessions, I am able to come up with different and new ways to navigate these challenges. 

Which part of the peer coaching experience do you enjoy or benefit from the most?

The need to table a challenge or project one is working on to get a different point of view helps one to come prepared and keep the conversation on track. Peer coaching gives me the boldness to face some of my challenges head-on. This is because It takes a lot of strength and vulnerability to share your work with others and give another individual a chance to look at your issue from a different lens. 

How have you applied the principles of peer coaching to your everyday work?

I've gotten tangible solutions from all my engagements. Through brainstorming, I am able to merge my own ideas as well as my learnings to come up with workable solutions. For instance, I was able to implement a rewards system for my team through the strategies I discussed during one of my sessions.

What have you been able to achieve since joining the CoffeeChat Peer Coaching Network? 

It has opened up my world. Interacting with different people from different walks of life has helped me stay challenged, and hungry and avoid being complacent with where you are. Much as you may be doing great work where you are, you also have an opportunity to see that there are other individuals doing just as great. 

If you were to recommend CoffeeChat to your best friend, what would you say?

You do not know what you don’t know, hence the importance of exposing yourself to different ways of thinking. Through CoffeeChat’s peer coaching network I am able to build strong functional networks with people who are experts in their fields. I may not know how to do something, but there’s always someone I can reach out to and ask. 

Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

CoffeeChat’s peer coaching network enables individuals to build skills that help them lead themselves and their teams more effectively. Participants engage with leaders from other organizations in a 2-way coaching conversation that facilitates learning, brainstorming, and networking.

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