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Weekly Coach Spotlight

This week we spotlight Marion, a Personal Growth Coach based in South Africa. Read the full spotlight article to learn more about her experience with coaching. Here’s what she shared about her experience of becoming a coach:

I was surprised by the warm welcome by my clients into their personal space and experienced a sense of joy that we all share similar challenges and that our borders don't limit us from being able to connect, learn and grow together.

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Create a “Working with Me” Doc

In our weekly playbook preview tip for coaches, we cover a topic within the theme of “Deliver Transformation”:

A successful coaching or consulting engagement is contingent on a good working relationship between you and the client.

One way to align early on any potential points of friction is to create a "working with me" document. There are a number of formats this can take, but it should at the very least outline your preferred working styles and keys to success in collaborating with you. A more elaborate document could be helpful for longer engagements that require more frequent collaboration over the course of months or even years. This type of "user guide" can benefit from going deeper into areas such as your values, goals and background in order to foster a stronger connection.

Share this with your client once they've committed to working with so that the client can read and absorb on their own before you begin having sessions. During one of your first sessions, review it together and have them share their thoughts about how you can also best cater your support style around their own working styles.

Here is a template and here is a filled-in example.

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