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Weekly Coach Spotlight

This week we spotlight Cindy, a Life Purpose Coach based in Mauritius. Read the full spotlight article to learn more about her approach to coaching. Here’s a preview:

I admire people especially women who go out of their comfort zone to grow and be the best they can. As a coach, I want to come alongside women who feel exhausted and burned out to listen, affirm and encourage.

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Upcoming Group Session: Pause with Purpose

This coming Saturday, 26 June, Meenakshi will host the next monthly installment of her “Pause with Purpose” series:

Retrospection is a powerful tool that helps us propel towards our goals with renewed understanding, clarity, and conviction. During times that continue to be challenging, let’s use the power of retrospection to stop, breathe, think, and then act on our next steps. This monthly virtual Group Coaching session is a casual and safe space to look back at the month that’s been, and plan for the month ahead. Use this time and space to connect with people globally, network with them, and also find accountability partners to help one another stay on track with your goals.

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Are You a Coach Looking to Grow Your impact?

CoffeeChat’s “100 Day Challenge” is a series of challenges over 100 days that includes tips, templates, links, discussion questions, and personalized feedback to enable coaches to systematically review their coaching business strategies. The key themes include:

  • Treat Yourself As A Business

  • Build & Monitor Your Niche

  • Plug Into The Community Of Coaches

  • Show Your Value

  • Make It Easy to Engage

  • Don't Forget to Coach Yourself

  • Be Consistent

  • Learn to Say No

  • Leverage Your Network

  • Deliver Transformation

Grow Your Impact