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This week we spotlight Ksenia, an Executive Coach based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Read the full spotlight article to learn more about her approach to working with clients. Here’s what she shares about some of her coaching engagements with CoffeeChat:

I love working with people with different cultural and professional backgrounds, and those who courageously go for their wildest dreams. In my most impactful CoffeeChat engagements I witnessed my clients grow and evolve expanding and deepening their capacity to see, understand, empathise, and respond in a diversity of complex situations. And as they grow and evolve in this way, their experience of self, others, and the world shifts, leading to new ways of doing and being, that in turn lead to other changes that we cannot always foresee.

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Coach Arnold will host a group career coaching session this Wednesday. He shares:

Only 15% of the world’s full-time professionals are enthusiastic about their work as per a Gallup research. Like most of us, we treat our careers and job search as an iterative process with every subsequent job, we sought a little more of what we liked in my previous role, and little less of what we didn’t like. With the Ikigai framework, Arnold guides you to a simple and elegant solution for assessing where you are in your career/ job search and determining what pivots to make based on a more long term outlook.

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