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Last year, CoffeeChat partnered with Injini to connect start-up coaches in the region with Injini’s 2020 cohort of edtech start-up founders. We’ve created a short 1-minute case study clip. Here is a summary below:

Injini is based in Cape Town and is Africa's first edtech incubator & seed investment program. They support great founders with a mission to improve educational outcomes across the continent.

Injini's 4th Cohort included 6 edtech start-ups with operations and team members spread across Africa and globally. To grow their ventures, their founders sought support in areas such as business development, content strategy, B2B sales, team culture and performance.

When Injini's Cohort 4 was required to run virtually, CoffeeChat developed a customized version of its platform to manage the coaching component of their program. CoffeeChat also provided additional pan-African experts alongside their existing pool of mentors. Founders booked over 40 sessions throughout their 6 month program, using pre-paid credit to compensate their coaches. Injini was able to monitor their requests and session reports in real-time.

Injini's Program Manager shared: "I was impressed with how quickly CoffeeChat pulled the custom solution together and with how receptive they were to feedback and requests for changes. We hope to continue working with CoffeeChat long after the Covid-19 storm passes."

If you’re also interested in finding a way for your organization to partner with CoffeeChat, please get in touch.

Watch Injini case study here

This week we spotlight Victor, a Career Coach based in Nairobi, Kenya. Read the full spotlight article to hear his take on coaching and about a rewarding experience with one of his clients on CoffeeChat. Here’s a short preview of why he became a coach:

“We have an incredibly talented workforce, but even the best talent disappoints in the wrong career.”

Read Victor's Spotlight

On Saturday 27th February, Meenakshi will host her third monthly group reflection session. She shares:

Retrospection is a powerful tool that helps us propel towards our goals with renewed understanding, clarity, and conviction. During times that continue to be challenging, let’s use the power of retrospection to stop, breathe, think, and then act on our next steps. This monthly virtual Group Coaching session is a casual and safe space to look back at the month that’s been, and plan for the month ahead. Use this time and space to connect with people globally, network with them, and also find accountability partners to help one another stay on track with your goals.

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