Sep 4 • 32M

Evy Nyairo: Global People Operations Manager, IDinsight

Leadership experience vs leadership roles, finding the courage to suggest changes about how your team works, and embracing AI in the HR sector

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Conversations with leaders from across Africa’s companies, organizations, and governments about their experience managing teams and projects throughout their careers.
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In this conversation with Evy Nyairo, the Global People Operations Manager at IDinsight, we gained valuable insights into her leadership journey and her experiences with the CoffeeChat peer coaching network. Here are the key takeaways from our conversation:

  1. Leadership Experience vs Leadership Role: Evy shared that leadership isn't necessarily tied to a specific job title or role, but rather it's about having the experience and skills to guide and inspire others. As a natural leader, Evy has pursued a number of professional development opportunities, including an MBA program and a Masters in business psychology. By continuing to sharpen her skills and broaden her knowledge base, she's able to bring new insights and strategies to her team.

  2. Finding the Courage to Suggest Changes: Evy demonstrated the power of being bold and speaking up when things aren't working. By changing the format of her team's check-in meetings, she transformed the dynamics of her team and improved their ability to work together. She encourages other managers to find the courage to suggest changes about how their team works, even if it's just a small tweak. Sometimes, small changes can have a big impact on team dynamics and productivity.

  3. Embracing AI in the HR Sector: According to Evy, AI is one of the most exciting trends in the HR space right now. However, she emphasizes the importance of using AI as a tool rather than an end in itself. As managers, it's crucial to guide your team in using AI tools in an ethical and safe way. AI can help make recruitment processes faster and more efficient, but it's important to remember that candidates should still be presenting their best selves and not just producing generic work. Evy encourages managers to think critically about the trends they see in the HR space and to apply them within the context of their own organization.

  4. Practice Adaptive Leadership: In today's fast-paced, constantly changing world, it's essential for managers to develop the ability to navigate through uncertainty, rapid change, and complex challenges. Adaptive leadership requires critical thinking, context, and the ability to guide teams through difficult situations. As a manager, you need to learn how to seamlessly adapt to change and guide your team through it. Evy encourages managers to practice adaptive leadership and cultivate the ability to navigate through uncertainty.

  5. Care About Your Team: Genuine care and empathy for the people you lead is crucial for effective leadership. When you care about your team, you're motivated to make decisions that are in their best interest and to support their growth and development. Building meaningful relationships with your team members is key to creating a positive and productive work environment. Evy emphasizes that caring for your team will make everything else flow seamlessly.

In conclusion, Evy's experiences highlight the importance of being adaptable, empathetic, and willing to take risks in order to drive positive change within your organization. As a leader, it's important to continue developing your skills and knowledge base, while also focusing on building meaningful relationships with your team members. By embracing trends like AI and practicing adaptive leadership, you can guide your team through uncertain times and drive growth and improvement within your organization.