The Everyday Leader

Conversations with leaders from across Africa’s companies, organizations, and governments about their experience managing teams and projects throughout their careers.

Rose Mwende: Country Manager, KipawaLeveraging curiosity as a superpower
Hakeem Akiode: Head of Growth & Marketing, YouverifyListening to all perspectives, collaborating with others, and crafting logical arguments
Evans Onyango: Client Success Manager, OnaDiving into manager roles early in your career, bring proactive and selective when seeking out a mentor, and feeling ownership and pride in the products…
James Osho: Country Finance Manager, IDP EducationMoving across different sectors early in your career, finding roles that help you uncover new skills, and taking an active role in translating a global…
Timothy Mburu: Head of ICT, Madison Group KenyaDriving early adoption within the fintech sector, positioning your team strategically within your company, and aiming to be a pull leader
Marion Samantha Wambui: Customer Success Manager, RaiseEarning promotions through both performance and trust, setting internal expectations through SOPs, and building a customer council
Benedict Oghenede: PR & Marketing Manager, Trove FinanceListen now (40 min) | Giving enough time to your team members, team collaboration at tech startups, and putting in the effort to upskill yourself
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