The Everyday Leader

Conversations with leaders from across Africa’s companies, organizations, and governments about their experience managing teams and projects throughout their careers.

Temitayo Samson-Grace: Head of Talent, Big Cabal MediaMaking a career pivot within a company, how best to approach your side gig, and how media influences how we show up as leaders
Matthew Henshall: Founder & CEO, Lessonspace & Code4KidsStepping into a leadership role by necessity, parallel learning through managing multiple businesses, and the risks of aiming for a perfect outcome
Timi Omotoso: Product Manager, DojahOn building alongside founders as a Product Manager, using Twitter to learn on the job and conduct market research, and building in public to establish…
Neha Kumar: Head of Product Partnerships, StitchBuilding authentic relationships with business partners, the shift from time-based to outcome-based work, and how the process of hiring a team can lead…
Nelly Agyemang-Gyamfi: Group Director of Operations, Moringa SchoolDeveloping self-awareness as a leader, building a reputation for getting things done, and transitioning to leading through influence
Kevine Kagirimpundu: CEO & Co-Founder, UZURI K&YThe power of telling your brand’s story, seeking opportunities to stay grounded as a leader, and designing your workspace with your team in mind
Sitati Kituyi: Co-Founder, HodiDifferent ways software engineers can pursue leadership roles, understanding the context of the problems you are solving, and finding the right balance…
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