Jun 8, 2022 • 2M

Case Study: Dinah Njuguna, Kiva

Investment Manager uses peer coaching network to connect with professionals that share her career stage and mindset

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Dinah’s Journey as a Manager

Dinah Njuguna is from Nairobi, Kenya and serves as an Investment Manager across Africa at Kiva, who provides debt to high-growth social enterprises and Micro-Finance institutions across Africa, Asia, LATAM, and the USA. Previously, she worked with Endeavor, a company that supports high-growth companies through technical support and venture capital investments. As a result, Dinah has deep exposure and experience on how companies can scale with the power of a reliable and well-developed network, smart capital, and a sound business model.

Dinah Connects with Peer Coaches

As part of joining the CoffeeChat Peer Coaching Network, Dinah has connected with a number of different professionals from other companies across the region. She has found her peer coaching experience differs from her mentorship activities. She appreciates that her fellow peer coaches are at the same stage of their careers, which enables practical and meaningful conversations around career advancement.

🎧 Listen to Dinah in the audio clip at the top of this article for more details about her experience with peer coaching with CoffeeChat. And if you want to hear our full interview with Dinah about her leadership journey, listen to his episode of The Everyday Leader here.