Mar 14, 2022 • 8M

Case Study: Krista Davidson, Injini

How An EdTech Startup Accelerator Manager Worked With Executive Coach To Navigate Her Growth Into An Executive Head Role

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Krista’s Journey From Manager to Executive Head

Originally from the United States, Krista Davidson was hired in 2019 as an Operations Manager for Injini. When she joined, Injini was focused on early-stage incubation of African EdTech entrepreneurs. Her role was very operations-heavy and focused on implementing an ongoing project. When she had the opportunity to reexamine the organization’s mandate and restructure the organization’s team as its newly appointed leader, her role significantly changed in both challenging and rewarding ways. Krista now serves as the Executive Head of Injini, whose mission and work includes an EdTech accelerator, think tank and a range of ecosystem development initiatives.

Krista Connects With Executive Coach with CoffeeChat

In 2021, Krista used CoffeeChat to identify and work with an executive coach. During the transition period of redefining Injini’s mandate and focus areas, Krista would sometimes doubt herself or feel anxious. Her coach introduced a framework of identifying and leaning into one’s top 3 strengths. So, during challenging times, Krista found it helpful to remind herself of this list as a way to not only build confidence but to strategize on how she could overcome particular challenges.

Outcome from Coaching

During 6 sessions with her executive coach over 6 months, Krista identified and reminded herself of her top strengths when experiencing imposter syndrome. This new practice gave her confidence and resilience to hire and lead her new team of 8 staff, which are now implementing a broader, 3-prong strategy to support and accelerate the EdTech innovation ecosystem across Africa.

🎧 Listen to Krista herself in the 8-minute audio clip at the top of this article for more details about Injini and her experience with executive coaching with CoffeeChat. And if you want to hear our full interview with Krista about her leadership journey, listen to her episode of The Everyday Leader here.

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