Apr 25, 2022 • 4M

Case Study: Timi Omotoso, Dojah

How Monthly Peer Coaching Sessions Help FinTech Product Manager Overcome Imposter Syndrome

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Timi’s Journey as a Product Manager

Omotoso “Timi” Oluwatimilehin is based in Lagos, Nigeria and serves as a Product Manager at Dojah, an African fintech startup that offers identity verification API services. Product managers play a pivotal role in bridging gaps between vision and execution, such as creating compromises when there are resource constraints or disagreements in design decisions. In her past two roles, Timi has reported directly to a co-founder. She has learned to identify data to present to founders to help them make decisions.

Timi Connects with Other Managers with CoffeeChat

Timi sees herself growing into a Head of Product or Country Manager role in the future, and continues to seek out and use a variety of tools and resources to develop and support herself professionally. One of those resources is the CoffeeChat Peer Coaching Network, which connects her with another Manager from a different company each month. She joined several months ago and has been paired with a number of different managers at other tech startups.

Benefits from Joining CoffeeChat’s Peer Coaching Network

Timi says these monthly two-way learning conversations have helped her gain new perspectives on Product Management, since different sectors and countries use a variety of analytics that have broadened her view. She says the calls have also made her more aware of actively listening. Most importantly, she has gained more clarity and confidence in her role to overcome feelings of imposter syndrome. Speaking with peers from other companies has made her realize she is more on track than she gives herself credit for, and that she’s not alone in facing the everyday challenges that come with a Product Manager role.

🎧 Listen to Timi in the 4-minute audio clip at the top of this article for more details about her experience with peer coaching with CoffeeChat. And if you want to hear our full interview with Timi about her leadership journey, listen to her episode of The Everyday Leader here.

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