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Judy Komen: General Manager, TryKe

Judy Komen: General Manager, TryKe

The Power of Peer Coaching & Fostering Trust Through Remote Work

Judy Komen is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of project management experience. She holds a Bachelor's in International Business Administration and is a PMP certification holder. Over the years she has developed sector expertise in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, IT, interior design, event planning, and electric mobility. She is presently the General Manager of Tryke Group, formerly Solar e-Cycles, a Nairobi-based electric vehicle venture that is changing the mobility landscape across the country. During her spare time, Judy likes to go hiking, read, and mentor others.

Judy shared her insights on leadership and the electric mobility industry in Kenya in a podcast episode of The Everyday Leader. Throughout the conversation, Judy emphasized the importance of emotional intelligence and empathy in managing teams, highlighting how these traits allow leaders to better understand and work with their team members.

Judy described how her journey had led her to develop emotional intelligence and empathy as key skills for effective leadership. She explained how it has been crucial to understand the unique working styles and motivations of her team members to improve their performance and ensure their well-being. As a manager, Judy has prioritized fostering open and honest communication with her team members, which has allowed her to create a work environment that is both supportive and productive.

In addition to discussing the importance of emotional intelligence and empathy in people management, Judy went on to outline the need for upskilling and training in the electric mobility sector. She explained that the industry is still relatively young in Kenya and that there is a significant need for training and apprenticeships in areas such as maintenance and infrastructure. Judy noted that some organizations are already offering training to their employees and other interested parties, but there is still a significant gap in the market that needs to be addressed.

Judy also discussed the value of continuous learning and peer coaching. She highlighted how taking online courses, joining a project management group, and even joining a Toastmasters Club had helped her improve her presentation skills and learn from other professionals in her field. She emphasized the importance of learning from others and understanding different perspectives, as well as the need to continuously improve oneself to stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.

Judy also shared her experience with CoffeeChat's peer coaching network, emphasizing how it has supported her as a manager. She explained that through the platform, she was able to speak with other professionals on her level and even gained a customer. She also highlighted how the platform helped her develop her active listening skills, which she believes is essential in providing support to her team members.

Moreover, Judy talked about the challenges of people management in remote working environments and how trust plays a critical role. She explained that in a remote working environment, it is essential to trust that employees are doing their work and to provide them with the tools and support they need to be successful. She emphasized the importance of communication and setting clear expectations to build trust between managers and team members.

Finally, Judy spoke about the importance of understanding individual personalities to effectively lead a team. She shared examples of how different team members have unique working styles, and how understanding these styles can help leaders adapt their management approach to each individual. Judy emphasized that being empathetic and adaptable as a leader is crucial in creating a work environment that is conducive to growth and success.

Overall, Judy's insights shed light on the evolving nature of leadership in the electric mobility industry in Kenya, as well as the importance of continuous learning, trust, and empathy in effective leadership. Her experiences demonstrate the value of understanding individual personalities and motivations, fostering open and honest communication, and prioritizing the upskilling and training of employees in the electric mobility sector.

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